Advanced Control Skills:  RoadCraft Control Skills Upgrade, no exceptions.

     All students must have a valid class 6 driver’s license and their own licensed and insured motorcycle.

     After a Refresher, you may be thinking, “That was GREAT! Is there more? How far could this really go?” Well, say hello to the next level of control.   In Advanced Control Skills, we will tackle many of the same challenges used to train Police Motor Officers and competitive skilled riders!
 These tight, technical exercises are designed to develop high-level control skills and intense mental focus. This will be a challenging, exhausting and exhilarating weekend! This program is more “student led” than our Refresher program, and riders are encouraged to look for their own solutions to the challenges faced
 (with instructor support & coaching) to further develop their problem-solving and maneuvering skills to the highest level.   As in the Control Skills Upgrade, how far you’re willing to “push it” is up to each individual, but with a North American competitive skills champion on staff, we’re sure to be able to challenge everyone.


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