Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

About Us

RoadCraft is now under new ownership.

RoadCraft will still be teaching the same curriculum as before, we have also added more skills and techniques to keep you a safe rider.

Let me take a moment to introduce myself; I am Adam Grainger, I was one of the Roadcraft instructors. Before becoming an instructor, Steve McKenna was my mentor and taught me the skills I now teach. I, myself am still learning, taking the course and spending lots of time on the training lot, working on my skills. Along with Bryan Lowes and Graham Street, I have become a great all-around rider and instructor.

I have assembled a great group of instructors to help you with your skills. Some are Roadcraft instructors from before and some are new.

Please remember our founders, a great group of riders in their own right. You can visit our Founders page to learn more about them.