Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

Control Skills Upgrade

All students must have a valid class 6 driver’s license and their own licensed and insured motorcycle.

The first program to take with Roadcraft.  Any licensed rider on *any motorcycle will leave the program with better skills to make every FUN ride.

No matter if you’ve been riding one year or thirty, our Control Skills Upgrade will challenge you appropriately based upon the skill level you bring to class.  At our huge 4+ acre training centre, you will improve your motorcycle handling skill and finesse in our challenging and FUN training program.  You’ll learn new techniques for precision control for tight turns in limited space, assertive counter-steering & emergency control techniques. Learn to lean your motorcycle into a turn at any speed with confidence.

Our training sessions demystifies slow speed control, explaining in detail how your motorcycle works and why allowing you to better understand and respond to the feedback the motorcycle constantly provides.  We’ll develop a Risk and Performance Management (R.P.M.) to combine this greater understanding of your motorcycle with an improved ability to manage the risks of motorcycling in traffic or on the road.

A low student to instructor ratio means you’ll get the timely feedback you need to improve. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves, but our expert instructors will not “push” you outside your comfort zone (unless a push is what you want..). More advanced students will be challenged at a level appropriate to their skills.

If you are thinking about taking a track day, Control Skills Upgrade is a great precursor to track days and high-speed performance courses.

~12 hours – one evening session and two weekend days.


*Call us about our special group registration rates or arrange a course just for you and your riding club.

If you’d like more information about our programs that you can’t find here, or if you’d like to register offline, email us at

*Any street legal, licensed and insured two-wheeled motorcycle in good mechanical repair and safe operating condition can be used for Roadcraft courses. Exceptions are No open unmuffled exhausts. Extreme low-riders or extreme long wheelbase bikes will likely be unable to perform control skills exercises.