Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

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The following resources are provided for your easy reference:

eSUM protective equipment for riders
A booklet published from Europe explains in some detail what to look for in quality protective equipment for motorcyclists.

The Snell foundation website
Considered by many to be one of the best helmet rating systems in the world. All Snell approved helmets are legal in BC.

The Sharp helmet safety scheme
An excellent helmet testing program from the UK. Comprehensive test results are shown on the site, and ratings are not just pass/fail, but rather 1 – 5 “stars” to show how well helmets fared compared to the competition. Many helmets available for purchase in North America are tested on this site.

NHTSA study – The Effects of Alcohol on Motorcycle Riding Skills
An interesting study showing what really happens to ride behaviours as alcohol affects your system.

As these documents and resources are not published by RoadCraft Motorcycle Academy, we do not claim their accuracy. The documents and websites and the information contained in them remain the property of their respective publishers.