Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy

Roadcraft Motorcycle Academy


Don’t just take our word for it! Read what our customers are saying about us…

“I began riding on the street at 17 only after taking the beginner course and now at 49 managed a perfect avoidance of a crash in part due to taking the Control Skills Upgrade last season. When an SUV turned left in front of me all ingrained and regularly practiced reactions kicked in and saved the day. Thank you to the RMA Crew!”

Marnee – Skills Upgrade graduate, 2012

“Do yourself and your family a big favor; take one of the best skills upgrade training courses you will ever find. You just might save your life and become a very old motorcyclist.”

Patrick – Skills Upgrade & Advanced Traffic graduate, 2011 & 2012

“Just wanted to say thank you and let you know that I will be recommending your course to others. I learned a lot, and now know what skills I need to concentrate on improving.”

Bob – Skills Upgrade graduate, May 2012

“We travelled home (to Alberta) from your course. I really am more one with my bike now! Partway home we had to make an emergency stop for an Elk! Our decision to travel at the speed limit and ride with a large space cushion paid off. Thank you and we will hopefully see you in the refresher or advanced course next year!”

Audrey – Skills Upgrade graduate, June 2012

“Just did the (skills upgrading) course this weekend and I have to say the course exceeded my expectations! I was just hoping to be able to do u-turns on my 770lb Harley Davidson Street Glide without thinking “Oh crap I have to do a u-turn”. I learned so much and am feeling so much more confident on my bike I can’t wait to take the next course! Thanks guys, it was an amazing weekend!!”

Teri, Skills Upgrading graduate, July 2011

“I’d like to share with you how invaluable (and life saving!) RoadCraft’s Skills Upgrading has been to me. I recently completed an 8 western state / 6800km tour and the skills I learned at RoadCraft added greatly to my confidence and enjoyment of the trip. Coming off the Golden Gate bridge at highway speed, extremely high winds coming from the left unexpectedly shifted to the right, blowing me across my lane toward the lane to my left. I was able to maintain control and safely maneuver to the far right lane (and then off the highway for a breather!). I am convinced that the retraining my “autopilot” received in BC saved my life.

The training you provide the motorcycling community is invaluable and I look forward to further advancing my skills next year.”

Jen Card, Skills Upgrade graduate, May 2010

“I’ve been riding a long time, (have) taken several speed & racing programs, and feel very confident about my riding ability…I attended a (Skills Upgrading) program a few weeks ago that has opened a whole new riding experience for me; skills I thought I already had but obviously didn’t! It’s not a beginner course or a course to get your license but you don’t have to be an advanced rider, either…It’s mental, physical and a hell of a lot of fun! You may think you know it but you probably don’t…2 1/2 days of riding and instruction gave me far more than my money’s worth!

Bill, Skills Upgrade and Advanced Skills graduate, 2010

“I was excited about getting out on the bike, and less excited about the classroom…as it turned out, the theory was absolutely relevant, and (contained) important information to make me a safer and smarter rider. On day 2, the rain started. Doing drills on the wet pavement was a blessing in disguise. Wet weather emergency techniques were always cause for concern, and practice in a relatively safe environment, under expert instruction, is about as good as it gets. For anyone interested in taking their core competencies up a few notches, improving their safety and having a lot of fun, I would highly recommend getting in touch with RoadCraft.”


“I took a (Skills Upgrading) course with RoadCraft Motorcycle Academy for continued help with my riding capabilities in the coming season. I highly recommend that new or experienced motorcycle riders take the training offered by Steve and his business partners, as one should never stop learning motorcycle handling skills.”

John Waddington, President, BC Motorcycle Drill Team

“Taking the RoadCraft Motorcycle Academy course was an eye opener. The skills we practiced and the knowledge that I picked up left me feeling more prepared for the street, and with a 900 lb motorcycle, gave me more confidence in managing crowded parking lots. I can’t wait to see what else these guys have to offer in the next round at “Mid Camp”. As a group of instructors, they all worked extremely well together and instruction was closely coordinated with a superbly controlled and awesome practice range…I was grinning from ear to ear for two whole days… 🙂 ”

Rob Ellis, Skills Upgrade and Advanced Skills graduate – and now GWRRA Top Gun skills competitor!

“I studied under Bryan, Graham & Steve at a BC Safety Council Experienced Rider Course and I was blown away by their knowledge & teaching methods. What I learned there in 16 hours was more than I could have learned on my own in years of riding. The skills these guys embed in you are critical to being safe on the street. It was also a whole lot of fun! These guys are good. They really care, and money spent on training with them is money well spent!”

Bob Korotkov

“I’ve taken some courses through my riding club and was somewhat sceptical about how much more I would get out of Base Camp. Well I’m a believer now! I’m surprised at how much I was able to improve. I will be taking the other courses RoadCraft offers as well now.”


Recently I was forced to make an emergency avoidance maneuver to miss a car that car blew a stop sign. It happened so fast, I did not have time to think, but reacted automatically. I swerved around it, and then back onto the road. I now know I looked for the way out, took it and avoided a major accident because of my RoadCraft “Autopilot” training… Keep up the great training courses. It just proves the money for your courses was the best I have spent on anything in a long time.

Kelly Parkes

“I have been riding Motorcycles for the past 42 years. The amount of knowledge that I have picked up from Steve in the short time that I have known him has been the most valuable to me. He has a way of teaching that for me is easy to understand; the absorption ratio for me is 100%. I recommend that anyone, no matter how long they have been riding take the courses; you may be surprised at what you will learn.”

Noel Nobrega, Langley HOG chapter

AND, RoadCraft training as viewed by a passenger of one of our graduates!…

“I would like to thank RoadCraft for putting on a great Base Camp course. After taking this course my husband Howie has taken his riding to a whole new new level. He has more confidence and is more relaxed which in turn allows ME to relax and enjoy the view from the back seat even more. We now ride as a team and look forward to many new adventures together. Your course offers great value for the money…”

Elaine McGregor, Happy passenger