Training Dismissal Policy
RoadCraft Motorcycle Academy is committed to providing effective safety education and training to each student who enrolls in its courses. One student's inappropriate or disruptive actions can impair our ability to maintain the quality of instruction to other students and their safety. The Academy, therefore, reserves the right to dismiss any student from further participation in any course of instruction for just cause. The Academy also reserves the right to withhold any refunds or tuition's from a student whose behavior results in dismissal.

  A student may be dismissed from any class or program of studies by the Instructor conducting such class for any of the following reasons:

 1)  Behavior which significantly disrupts the progress of the course of instruction or prevents the Instructor from providing adequate instruction to other students.
 2)  Excessively loud, rude, obscene or offensive dialogue or terminology.
 3)  Aggressive or threatening behavior towards the Instructor or any other student.
 4)  Abuse of Academy property or equipment, or that of any sponsoring organization or rented premises, where the course is other students conducted on Academy premises.
 5)  Horseplay or other deliberate action of an unsafe nature that jeopardizes the safety of students, Instructors, or staff members of RoadCraft Motorcycle Academy.
 6)   Unwanted advances towards the Instructor, another student, or staff of a suggestive or sexual nature.
 7)  Bullying or harassment of another student, Instructor or staff member of RoadCraft Motorcycle Academy or any other organization where the courses are being conducted, whether directed at elements of gender, race, religion creed or ability.
 8)  Consistent tardiness or absenteeism, which affects the student’s ability to maintain an adequate standard or fulfill the required attendance criteria.
 9)   Any other cause of similar nature and impact as to justify dismissal for the preservation of good order and training or the protection of students, Instructors or staff, as may be determined by the Instructor in charge at the time.

Where a student is dismissed from any class, the following procedures shall apply:
 1)   The Instructor shall advise the student that he/she is being dismissed from further participation in the class and the reasons for such dismissal.
 2)   The Instructor shall advise the student that a written report of the dismissal and the reasons for it will be prepared and forwarded to the Academy’s Supervisor of the specific program and the police or a regulatory agency, if and where appropriate.
 3)   The Supervisor shall review such reports in a timely fashion and determine what further actions may be necessary under the circumstances and what refunds of tuition may be made, if any.
 4)   The student will be notified, in writing, within 30 days of the Supervisor’s decision.
 5)   The student shall have the right to appeal the Supervisor’s decision under the Academy’s Dispute Resolution Policy.    

Refund/Cancellation and Transfer Policy
  This refund/cancellation and transfer policy is designed to provide some flexibility for our students while preventing lost enrollments and the cost of increased administration. It can be very difficult to fill vacated enrollment spaces less than 14 days prior to a course start date.

Course Transfers
  1)   Requests to transfer from one course to another with less than (14) fourteen days' notice before your confirmed course start date    are subject to a transfer fee of $50 + applicable taxes.
  2)  Seven (7) days prior to your confirmed course start date and after your course has commenced, transfers will no longer be considered, and the student will be liable for the entire course fee. All transfer fees are non-refundable.

  1)  Cancellation/refund requests made at least fourteen (14) days prior to the course start date will receive a full refund less $100 + applicable taxes. NO REFUND will be issued after that date for any portion of the course.
  2)  Students who fail to attend and/or notify us fourteen (14) days before the start of the scheduled course are liable for the entire course fee.
  3)   No refund will be given once the course has commenced.   All refund requests must be in writing and submitted within 60 days from the course commencement date.

                                                                                                          COURSE RULES
Motorcycle License:
You are required to present your class 6 driver's license at the beginning of each training day. No License = No Riding. No Exceptions! 
Riding Gear Requirements:

  Helmets and adequate eye protection must be worn at all times when riding on our courses. Helmets must fit snugly and fasten securely. Helmets must be certified by a recognized standards organization and be in acceptable condition to our instructors. Helmets must be: Full-face, modular (flip front) or ¾ style. Half helmets are not allowed. No student will be allowed to ride if any instructor deems his/her helmet to be unsafe. We have full-face helmets to loan out if you need one.

Leather, denim or ballistic nylon jackets are required. Jackets must be fastened via buttons or zipper (No Snaps).

Heavy denim, leather or ballistic nylon riding pants that are long enough to cover the top of the riding boots – or truck inside.

Leather boots that cover the ankle. Motorcycle-specific boots that cover the ankle but are not leather will also be acceptable. Tuck in
loose laces.

Full-fingered leather gloves that cover the wrist are required. Gloves designed for motorcycles (street use) but made of other materials may also be acceptable.

  Eye Protection:
Face shields or goggles are preferred, but glasses/sunglasses will also be acceptable. Shatterproof lenses are highly recommended.   If you have any questions about whether your riding gear will be suitable for our course, please ask your instructor BEFORE your first day of riding. Students will not be allowed to ride in gear deemed unsafe by an instructor.   Courses run rain or shine, so bring gear if there is any chance of rain. A change of clothes is also suggested if possible.

  Arrive On Time:  
Classes start on time. Lessons progressively build on previous material, so if you arrive late, you may be sent home if you have missed too much material. Students are responsible for attending class and arriving on time. No refunds will be issued due to late arrival.

  Be Ready toRide:  
Many students find our courses are physically and mentally demanding, so arrive well rested and properly fed. Bring energy snacks and water. Do not consume alcohol prior to or during the course. If our instructors feel anyone’s safety is at risk due to you being impaired, overtired, hungover or ill, you will not be allowed to continue riding.

  Training Risks:  
Motorcycling is an inherently risky activity. Our courses are carefully structured and supervised in an effort to reduce risk, but this does not eliminate the risks you face. We make every effort to organize and operate courses in the safest manner possible. However, since students are physically controlling the motorcycles, we cannot eliminate risk. Students must accept this risk as a condition of training.