Learn To Ride

Fully ICBC licensed training facility
Online learning. Start with our online course.
In person classroom. Continue with our in person course.
Training lot.
 Instructor led training on our motorcycles in a safe place.
MSA/MST test included and onsite 
Two Road Rides 
You must bring your own helmet and gloves. We can provide a jacket.
Motorcycles provided.
 Try them all! (Cruisers, Sport bikes, Dirt bikes, Mini)
ICBC Road Test Booking (when you’re ready upon availability)
Use our motorcycle for the road is $100 extra.
Never have to go to ICBC for a MST test. You can always test and retest with us if your license expires.
All Learn to Ride courses are in conjunction with 1st Gear Motorcycle Training.

$ 799.00    to    $ 899.00